Astronomy and family vacation?

The Alpenhof’s astronomical observatory makes it the ideal place for a perfect “Astro” vacation

Unser Alpenhof mit anschlossener FeriensternwarteWhere else can you combine astronomy and holiday together so harmoniously.
All can benefit from our experience: amateur astronomers, professional astronomers, causal stargazers and curious souls.

During new moon periods, there are usually many astronomy enthusiasts staying with us who often excitedly exchange information and technical details. Those who would prefer a more quiet vacation, however, can easily escape the commotion.

Our two astronomical observatories are equipped with a MEADE 12 LX200 and a 17.5” Newton telescope. Both observatories can be rented out.
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There are usually guided tours offered every Tuesday and Thursday. Please reserve by phone!

Every astronomer can find his or her place in the vast alpine meadows. We provide ample space, numerous rooms, an observatory cottage with retractable roof, electricity, the possibility to store your telescope, late breakfast for astronomers, hot drinks during the nighttime, beautiful dark nights without light pollution and with little wind and many other advantages.

The location of Emberger Alm is perfect for several reasons. At an altitude of almost 1,800 meters, there is little to no external light, so the air is very transparent. Additionally, the hotel is easily reached by car and astronomy alongside great gastronomy.

The location is so good that the Alp astronomical observatory is also used for scientific work.
Link to the observation of the Expo planet HAT-P-10/WASP-11b by Fabrizio Marchi and Roberto Garofalo »


Exact position of the observatories

46° 46' 31" North
13° 09' 33" East
Altitude: 1.755m

International Telescope Meeting (ITT)

Since 1990, the Emberger Alm has been involved in Astronomy, and since 1996 the International Telescope Meeting (ITT) has been held here.
ITT 2018: October 03 - October 07, 2018
This year is the 34nd annual telescope meeting and the 23rd meeting on the Emberger Alm. Join us to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of ITT!

If you’re interested in participating in the ITT, please book early! Detailed information on ITT can be found here »

"Stella Carinthia " Club

Take the opportunity to be a member of the "Stella Carinthia" club!
With this membership, 1 person and 1 car has free access to the meeting. You also have the possibility to use the observatory 1 night per year for free and - completely NEW - club members get a 10% discount on Ransburg Telescope Service list prices (excluding bargain, used, already discounted items).

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