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Astronomy and family holidays – Where else will you find a combination like that?

Our Alpenhof, with its adjacent observatories, is the ideal place for your "Astro Vacation"

Where else can you combine a holiday with astronomy so perfectly?
For many years now, we have been the No.1 address for holidays that do just that. Benefit from our own vast experience, whether you are an amateur astronomer, an aspiring professional, an absolute rookie or merely someone who likes to stare through a telescope whenever the occasion presents itself.

Especially during the phase of the new moon, astronomy buffs love to gather here and talk shop. That said, if you prefer to have your own quiet space, you will have no problem finding that either.

Our observatories greet you with a MEADE 12" LX200 as well as a 17.5" Newton telescope! Both observatories can be rented out for personal use.
Further information can be found right here (PDF) »

We generally offer guided tours every Tuesday and Thursday. Please call ahead!

Out on our broad alpine pastures, every astronomer finds their own personal space. We offer: lots of room, numerous sites where you can set up your gear, a hut with roll-back roof providing protection from the weather, electricity, telescope storage, a late breakfast especially for astronomers, hot beverages for nighttime, marvelously dark nights, no light pollution, very little wind and lots more.

There are several reasons why the location of the Emberger Alm is perfect for all amateur astronomers.
There is virtually no intrusive ambient light, while the elevation at almost 1800 m makes for extremely clear visibility. We are easy to reach by car, plus astronomers never have to worry about going hungry or thirsty while they are here.

The location is so good, in fact, that even scientific work is conducted at the observatories.
Observations of exoplanets HAT-P-10/WASP-11b by Fabrizio Marchi and Roberto Garofalo can be found here (PDF) »

The exact position of our observatories

46° 46' 31" north
13° 09' 33" east
Elevation: 1755 m

International Telescope Meeting (ITT)

Astronomy has been made possible at the Emberger Alm since 1990, while the International Telescope Meeting (ITT) has been held here since 1996.
ITT 2019: September 22-29, 2019
This is the thirty-fifth Telescope Meeting and the twenty-fourth at the Emberger Alm. So, join us as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of ITT!

If you wish to participate in the ITT, be sure to book well in advance!

Further details about the ITT can be found here »
Here you will find a 2009 report by Stephan Ebert (PDF) »