Allergies – Finally you can breathe and are allergy-free!


One of the simplest forms of allergy treatment is being in an environment free of allergens. The University of Innsbruck has confirmed it: Our hotel—free of dust mites and almost completely free of mold—is one of these rare environments. Pollen is present in the air but is up to 6 times less potent than in the valley and lasts for much shorter periods. Even just a two-week stay with us can have lasting benefits.



Nutrition is an important issue not only for people with allergies. Through special training, we are able to address your individual dietary needs and preferences. We can prepare plates in a way that prevents cross-reactions and allergic reactions.



The HouseThe House

The hotel management does everything it can to prevent allergies. We use special hypoallergenic detergents for cleaning the bed linens and carpets. In the rooms hypoallergenic shower gels and shampoos are available. In addition, we provide a special area with non-smoking rooms.


HolidaysAt an altitude of 1800m, Sattleggers Alpenhof is in a unique alpine area. Despite the altitude, however, the Emberger Alm is easily reached via a newly-constructed road. Numerous recreational opportunities are available. After traveling up paths of varying difficulty to 2,300m, much awaits you: 2 of our permanently installed observatories, a sauna, a launch site for tandem flights and paragliding, grazing ponies and more.

Recreation in the mountains - holiday for allergy sufferers!

The climate high up in the mountains offers ideal conditions for a stay free from the annoying symptoms of allergies. The hypoallergenic quality of our climate can be attributed to our high-altitude position, the low pollen count in the air, the absence of dust mites and the scarcity of mold spores. A mere two-week stay with us has been proven to provide significant relief of allergy symptoms as well as lasting effects long after departure. The hypoallergenic qualities of our hotel are guaranteed by the Allergy Alpin brand, of which we are members, and frequent inspections of allergens.

We would be very pleased if you choose our hotel for your allergy-free holiday!

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