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35th International Telescope Meeting (ITT)

Information about the 24th International Telescope Meeting (ITT) at the Emberger Alm

Of course, the ITT will once again be taking place at the Emberger Alm in Carinthia, from September 22-29, 2019.


You have two possibilities:

  1. on the Tauern Autobahn (toll sticker required) from Salzburg to Spittal/Drau
    • Salzburg, motorway Tauernautobahn to Spittal
    • main road in the direction of Lienz as far as Greifenburg
    • turn onto the Lendorf Bundesstraße, continuing into Drautal towards Lienz, as far as Greifenburg. Here, make a right at the BILLA supermarket and drive for 12 km along the road, eventually bringing you to the Emberger Alm
  2. over the Felbertauern mountains (toll sticker NOT required). In this case, the drive takes about 40 minutes longer, though the landscapes are very beautiful
    • In Germany, take the A-8 as far as Rosenheim-Inntaldreieck
    • exit in the direction of Kufstein
    • the second exit after the border leads you via Kitzbühel along the Felbertauernstraße
    • continue as far as Lienz, then in the direction of Spittal, Drautal Bundesstraße
    • at Berg im Drautal, make a left towards the Emberger Alm, or continue to Greifenburg, then turn left at the BILLA supermarket and drive for 12 km along the road, eventually bringing you to the Emberger Alm

Miscellaneous Information

We strongly recommend reserving your rooms well in advance! Send us your reservation request here »

If you have already booked early, we suggest that you confirm your booking in March/April. The event is centered on two main locations: one is the car park at Sattleggers Alpenhof and the other is out in the meadows. The car park is very much the “social” center, not least because there is a slight degree of light annoyance caused by people arriving late. The meadows, however, are perfect for astro-photographers. No lights or power (230V) is available. That said, perfect for everyone who wants to stargaze without interruption.

Please do your best to arrive at our Alm during the daytime. The info stand will be staffed, providing you with useful tips on how best to set up your equipment as well as full program details. This is also where you will be able to pay your participation fee.

Once again this year, camping will be permitted on one of the meadows!
€ 8 per person
€ 9 per car
€ 14 per RV, bus or tent

If you happen to arrive during the nighttime hours, a small reception area will be provided. However, for safety reasons and to avoid light disturbance, the main grounds will be blocked to traffic. As soon as you reach the signs (approximately 30 m from the grounds), please drive with parking lights only! The next day, after visiting our info stand, you will be able to move into your actual designated site.

We are happy to provide you with additional information under the following address:

We look forward to a successful Telescope Meeting with you here in Carinthia!