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Hiking is always in season

Far away from any hint of the hectic daily routine, here you become who you truly are

Whenever you are in the mood to hit the trail, here we greet you with some 200 km of hiking paths, for the most part through an alpine paradise with plant life quite unlike anywhere else in Europe. From “natural adventure playgrounds” that are safe for children to enjoy, to broad, gently sloping alpine meadows as well as memorable summiteering experiences – a world of immense freedom that begins right outside the door of our hiker-friendly inn. Set out on a tour to the top of our local peaks, the "Hochtristen" and "Knoten", or enjoy a more leisurely hike that includes a refreshment stop at one of the nearby hill farms. A mild climate that is particularly kind to allergy sufferers and the clear, cold mountain tarns show us how close we can be to nature, even in today’s world. You are also welcome to come back and prepare the mushrooms and berries you collected in the surrounding forests right here in our kitchen.

Unsere Gäste auf Tour - Sommer 2019

An einem Tag Feldnerhütte hin & retour

Hallo Frau Sattlegger,
vielen Dank noch mal an Sie und Ihr Team für den erlebnisreichen Urlaub, leider ist eine Woche für diese Urlaubsregion zu wenig Zeit.
Anbei sende ich Ihnen ein paar Impressionen von unserer Wanderung. Die Tour ist konditionell anspruchsvoll aber vom Gelände machbar.
Gelaufen sind wir über Zweiseen zur Feldnerhütte und zurück über den Hochtristen. Dabei konnten wir viele tolle Ausblicke genießen.

Viele Grüße aus Dresden
Rico Rau-Hauk